This is a exclusive beat page. Here you will only find exclusive beat deals only. For any questions please contact us! 

Why Only Exclusive?

Artist or labels nowadays are searching for exclusive beats that are never leased or used through the internet. This is why we have made this page with exclusive beats only. You can still get leases and exclusive deals at our homepage. If you are a artist or a label that is looking for beats that are never used, leased or posted on social media? This is the place to be! The track will beat deleted from the store after purchase. We are also open for offers.

  • Beats that are never leased or used
  • Exclusive deals only
  • Unlimited distribution, streams, sales for any project
  • You own the master tape
  • Get our Unique sound what you are looking for!
  • Credits Must be given to “DK”
  • Get Highest Quality Track-Outs for your Arrangements or Masters
  • Track will be taken off the store when it’s sold