This is a exclusive beat page. Here you will only find exclusive beat deals only. For any questions please contact us!

Why Exclusive?

Exclusive beats allow artists more freedom than leasing beats. An exclusive beat can help position an artist to get signed by top industry labels, as well as earn more money from their music. Industry labels and artists are looking for exclusive beats that have never been used, which is why we created an option for exclusive beats only. You can still find leasing and exclusive deals on our homepage. If you are searching for beats that have NEVER been used or leased, look no further than our EXCLUSIVE music!


  • Get Highest Quality Track-Outs for your Arrangements or Masters
  • Track will be taken off the store when it’s sold
  • Beats NEVER used or leased
  • Beats permanently removed from website after purchase
  • Unlimited distribution & sales
  • Production credit must be given to NINO
  • Get highest quality track-outs for musical arrangements
  • Grab the attention of top industry labels